The London-based design duo Child Studio combine the elegance of vintage cafes with the feminine signature of a vegan pizzeria called Humble. A bright pink decor where sweets are not once in the spotlight!

As a tribute to post-war Zinc, child studio designers Chieh Huang and Alexey Kostikov invest 1 200 square meters in a restaurant that they dress in pink formica from the walls to the countertop through tables of inspirations bistro. The cherry wood comes to rest on the stools, the shelves and the counter glass abseiling, while the velvet carpet benches that extend under large newspapers inviting gourmands to read.

In this case looking straight out of a film by British director Wes Anderson, the winning formula would be that of less is more. The brass is discreet by inviting on the lights signed by renowned designers of the last century - like the French Jacques Biny, the Italian Luigi Massoni or the Swedish Poul Henninggsen - whose aesthetic creations shine always as much of their singularity.

If our eyes see here life in pink, the kitchen itself is adorned with green forest, as to remember that side card, everything is virtuous. On the menu, tasty pizzas but no animal protein, and this from vegan mozzarella to tofu chorizo ​​dotted on the traditional "Diavola".

A real treat !

For more information, visit the website Child Studio 

Photographs: DR

Anouchka Crocqfer

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