The Franco-Italian architect, interior decorator and designer Joris Poggioli imagined a fictitious villa to stage pieces from his “Primo Estate” and “Eden Paradiso” collections, as well as those from his latest capsule collection called “Enamorados ". In this fantasized interior, he combines contemporary furniture, Italian eccentricity and French elegance. Visit in pictures of this virtual villa.

Drawing his multiple inspirations from his Franco-Italian cultural heritage, Joris Poggioli has been creating sculptural pieces since 2017, where the search for form takes precedence over the choice of materials. In the fantasized spaces of Villa Luce, he highlights the furniture in his collections, and thus illustrates the economy of means, the delicate design and the sensual formal purity that he favors in all his creations.

Joris Poggioli imagines an elegantly furnished villa with furniture, works and art objects in a sophisticated style. Located in the middle of an idyllic landscape, Villa Luce is a timeless space dedicated to being inhabited by an esthete with a whimsical spirit, a sixty-something dandy with sophisticated tastes. Inspired by the Italian grandfather of the designer, this character was the starting point, then the guiding son of this majestic villa where the creations of Joris Poggioli are highlighted.

In the living room, the Idia marble coffee table, the Sirio marble ashtray and the Rose tubular sofa interact with iconic works of art history such as the Endless Column by Constantin Brancusi. In the office, the furniture signed by the decorator - the Ari white wool bench, the Rick matt black wooden chair, the Orfeo walnut desk - harmonize with the sober and classic architecture of the Villa Luce. In the other spaces, the Rick chair, available in candy pink resin, the Cleo sculpture in old oak, as well as the Henry and Constantin consoles, in marble and old oak respectively, enrich this sophisticated interior, which invites contemplation.

Joris Poggioli creates a dreamy and timeless villa, in which his creations are perfectly highlighted.

To learn more, visit Joris Poggioli's website.

Photographs: © Joris Poggioli


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