Virginie Friedmann and Delphine Versace stood out two years ago by reinventing the interior of Bistrot Rougemont. With many achievements to their credit, they have succeeded in quickly establishing themselves in the French architectural landscape. Meet.

Before turning to interior architecture, Delphine Versace cut her teeth as a scenographer in the world of contemporary art and Virginie Friedmann trained with luxury brands. They met in Michael Malapert's agency in 2017, then decided to found the Friedmann & Versace studio in 2019. Together, they have since devoted themselves to creating elegant interiors: the Baby Doll club, the restaurants. The Riviera, Matilda and Ferona, among others.

Muuuz: Each of your interiors is inspired by one or more stories. Why ?
Friedmann & Versace: From the creation of the agency, we wanted to tell stories by multiplying sources of inspiration. Storytelling always feeds our decorative concepts and our projects. In the Baby Doll club, several stories intersect. The universe of Serge Gainsbourg is distilled everywhere. This one is mixed with the stories of Studio 54 and the Palace. The idea was to recreate the effervescence, the party and the joie de vivre of the Parisian nights of the 1970s and 1980s by injecting references to that time.

Your projects are diverse: villas, apartments, restaurants, shops, hotel. What binds them together? Do you feel like you're broadcasting a personal style?
We always work to measure, with noble materials and a new concept, working with craftsmen. We want to mix eras and create a certain timelessness, without imposing a Friedmann & Versace touch. We want to get out of the box and combine very different elements. At the moment, we are working on a project where 1950s and 1960s styles intertwine with resolutely contemporary objects. We love timeless interiors, which don't fit in with their time. For the La Riviera restaurant, we have focused our attention on the establishment's solar atmosphere, without trying to place it in a trend.

What are your sources of inspiration?
To create, we explore architecture and decoration, but also other disciplines. We are influenced by the very different universes of personalities in the art world. Artists, musicians, writers… We like David Bowie, Virginia Woolf and Madeleine Castaing, for example. Yves Saint Laurent is also very important to us because he has boldly supported the emancipation of women.

You like to play on different registers and mix references. What atmosphere are you trying to infuse into an interior?
We try to create inhabited places, with personality and narrative force. We like to make styles coexist and create temporal distortions, while trying to make the story coherent and noticeable in every detail.

What is the place of materials in your achievements?
The work of composition, association of materials is very important in our approach. We are sensitive to noble materials such as bronze and onyx. We like to associate these beautiful materials with natural materials such as sisal, straw… This alliance reinforces the presence of each of them and brings real richness.

What projects would you dream of carrying out?
We would like to revive an old-fashioned Belle Époque-style hotel, which faces the Ligurian Sea, in Rapallo.

What are your current projects?
We are working on three restaurants, in Paris, Megève and Doha, as well as on two private residences.

To learn more, visit the Friedmann & Versace studio website.

Visuals: © Hervé Goluza


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