On a Belle Époque rattan music stand rests a score of L'Appuntamento. Ornella Vanoni's cult song is one of Sandra Benhamou's favorite songs. The Italian pop star evokes the vagaries of love with her expressive voice; its joys as well as its torments. The dreamy atmosphere, a bit dramatic, specific to this walk of the seventies inspired the interior designer with a dreamlike scenography. 

The Galerie Vauclair and its winter gardens have become obvious to enhance Sandra Benhamou's new collection. The meeting between Laurence Vauclair and Sandra began with the designer's crush on rattan armchairs which found an intimate place in her country house. As for Laurence, she appreciates the voluptuous and soft nature of Sandra's pieces, in a thousand and one shades of brown. Never refusing to shake up the codes, Laurence and Sandra give birth to a chic and elegant marriage between old and contemporary. 

This new scenography is then arranged like a Milanese apartment, the installation evokes the bohemian chic interior of Gabriella Crespi as much as the winter gardens dear to Renzo Mongiardino. 

Upholstered in glacier blue raw silk, the first room serves as a bar as well as a games room. Sandra Benhamou presents a new chess table with an iroko structure and a travertine checkerboard top. On either side, it has a pair of Dolly armchairs covered in green tapestry. We also find here his Ginger bar in lacquer, brass, mirror and smoked glass. 

The small adjacent living room, with black walls, welcomes its new Gae sofa with sinuous lines. Sandra Benhamou places it in front of her Gaby coffee table in varnished teak and brass. A very spectacular tubular chandelier, in vintage Murano glass, made by Veronese, hangs over the table. 

Sandra Benhamou mixes her own glamorous seventies creations with a pedestal table in English lacquer from 1880, whose multi-lobed top features a delicate finely gilded decoration, a complete 1900 set in marbled blue ceramic by Vallauris earthenware maker Clément Massier and a rare set of twenty-four bowls with ice cream from the end of the 1930th century accompanied by an exceptional collection of frosted crystal pitchers from the Baccarat and Saint-Louis workshops, whose ice tank to refresh drinks embodies the refined detail of XNUMXth century tables. Without forgetting a Milanese rattan living room from the XNUMXs, from the Colombo Pampuri Vitali workshops, covered with a leopard fabric and a pair of armchairs from the Fayl-Billot factory whose elegant rattan winding makes all the charm, creation of the craftsmen from the beginning of the XNUMXth century so specific to the universe of the Galerie Vauclair.

L'Appuntamento, translate "the meeting", invites to the meeting between two delicate, romantic and cultivated universes. 


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