Designed by Ingo Maurer, this wallpaper incorporates LEDs and emits mood light. Diverting the appearance of electronic circuits to create a graphic and luminous pattern, it can be laid in one or more strips, making it possible to dress an entire wall or a whole room.

Dimensions (L x W): 320 60 cm x

On this wallpaper, Ingo Maurer says:

"The LED tapestry offers astonishing possibilities for the lighting of rooms: a modulated and intimate light whose source is difficult to discern or a pulsating atmosphere of a big city, to name but a few examples. It's magic!

A big advantage is that the tapestry LED may be stuck in one or more strips and lengths depending on the architecture and layout of a room. Interior designers have a choice. "

To learn more, visit the site ofIngo Maurer and that ofArchitects Paper.

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