If you have not heard of this new design sales platform, we have to correct very quickly! Indeed, just recently launched, AT NOON is an e-shop offering unparalleled design innovations emerging and established.

In weekly temporary sales (registration is required for access) offering prizes for the most affordable, it is possible to discover AT NOON on a sharp design and selection of unusual and often amazing creations. Gems and future talent of ephemeral design it new every week so that you should not miss the boat a sale!

Accessed both of the Scandinavian porcelain poetic graphic impression of the Danish house Casalinga, that the young Italian generation of tableware represented by Paola C. We also discover the original French L'Atelier and exercises their playful creations, Dark Belgians and their futuristic fixtures (including Spacebot exclusive) or the Taiwanese 25Togo Design and concept of concrete rings! The curation is young and exotic, but also has large houses and designers like ENO, Le Buisson, Lehanneur (Take Time for Lexon), Jean-Paul Lespagnard (excusifs scarves).

You'll understand that there's something for everyone and this innovative e-shop seems to be the new address of design for both purists and amateurs. Furnishings, decorative objects, fashion accessories and jewelry, children design (Kidsonroof, Pilpousse and Co.), AT NOON appeared at the right time with the Christmas holidays approaching. Moreover, the platform offers the opportunity to certain discounts (up -20%).

AT NOON but do not stop there. The site also features a blog that wants to be a real design magazine where there is often shifted interviews of editors and designers (read the interview funny Belgian Maarten De Ceulaer), stories creations and videos on the production process, or news about the design of the news. But who are these newcomers design?

AT NOON gathers young enthusiasts very alert in the design world, who also plan to publish shortly designers.



Visit AT NOON on and get € 10 purchase credits at registration.

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