Designed by the company Géobois, Géomoss is a system of panels for green façades. Composed of ceramic briquettes serving as a support for a vegetal moss, this product allows the realization of exterior green wall without maintenance.

Géomoss is a prefabricated system composed of concave non-porous ceramic briquettes 22,5 x 7,3 cm by 2,4 cm thick and fitted with a cellular foam lining which will serve as a substrate for the development of the vegetable moss. requiring neither pruning nor fertilizer.

The implementation of the system is done by fixing briquettes on aluminum rail previously fixed to the wall.

Irrigation installation is assured by an integrated drip-drop system in the upper part of the wall.

Improving the thermal and sound insulation of the facade on which it is applied, Géomoss also contributes to improving the quality of the ambient air by absorbing greenhouse gases. 

For more information, visit the manufacturer's website Geobois.

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