Spanish designer Alberto Sanchez presents his project "Keidos", graphics and colored cement tiles directly inspired by the forms of kaleidoscopes.

Breaking with the traditional codes of tiles, 4 models in the collection allow the user to imagine an infinite number of compositions. Edited by the Valencian manufacturer Entic Design, the "Keidos" series is manufactured in Spain.


On this project, Alberto Sanchez says:

"Multi-colored rooms flood Keidos, a new emotive and playful design collection. Keidos, as with it's predecessor Drops, breaks with the formal tradition distancing Itself from a rigid, modular system That caractérisé the hydraulic floors at the end of the 19th Century. Thanks to single geometry the oven parts That Make up Keidos Represent the pieces of indescribable beauty captured by kaleidoscopes. Little delicately colored and irregular segments Have Become the common denominator in this new project. Conceptualised to allow for Thousands of combinations, the new design for enticdesigns Many offers have single solutions as there are spaces. with the versatile color palette, Keidos floors allow for elegant and inspirational designs for hidden corners and places of reflection. This collection offers customized without limits icts with different parts. "

To learn more, visit the site ofAlberto Sanchez and that ofEntic Design.  

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