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Redart ™, the insulation system for the exterior coating developed by Rockwool Under that combines the performance of rock wool and aesthetics.
world leader in stone wool insulation, Rockwool is needed today as a systems of the facade with a comprehensive and innovative offer: Redart ™ dedicated to the external insulation under plaster. This solution also combines the thermal, acoustic and fire safety!

Beyond these remarkable technical strengths, Redart ™ offers more colors to mix with 200 3 types of finishes: Mineral, Silicate or Silicone. Several types of grains are available depending on the texture of the coating selected, with a more or less granular appearance.

True partner renovation, Rockwool offers via Redart ™:

• Insulating panels and accessories (profiles, frame, ankles)
• A wide range of coatings and finishes
• The tinting machine

This "turnkey" approach offers multiple services:
• A simulator of colors, new online color matching tool,
• A "hotline" telephone technical support dedicated to the facade,
• Technical and practical training for professionals,
• An accompanying measure on site
• Assistance in order to, on call, size and calculate the recommended quantity of materials and accessories.

Redart ™ is the opportunity to propose creative and harmonious facades for all types of buildings that integrate with their environment.


For more information, visit the website Rockwool

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