Concealing a flat screen behind a glass wall mirror, this is what the Swiss company offers Raymura. Off, and television remains completely invisible. On, only the image displayed appears in the mirror. Antidesign wish.

Headquartered in Vevey, the Swiss company RaymuraSpecializing in management, has developed and patented a method for total concealment flat screens LCD or plasma panels behind glass walls fixed mirror.

After installation completed and the TV turned on, only the image appears, without any alteration. When the screen is off, the wall becomes a mirror more conventional, not then guess the presence of a television in the background.

Object often worked very design, the flat screen is rendered invisible here. A trace of the usual brushed aluminum and glossy black plastic. The subject of highly technical and formal codes disappear usual, the function frees the form, only the broadcast message remains.

For more information on this product visit the site Raymura.

sources: Deco-Design et Raymura

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