Discover how to customize the decoration of your walls without sinking into excess fantasy.

The photo, a safe bet
Photography is an art that requires a certain talent. Clichés sublimate nature, man and even objects. We understand why they are riding high in the world of interior design. In addition, the photos have a timeless charm and easily match the existing design.

Think about design posters
The photo poster comes in countless artistic versions as well as others to match all the decorative preferences. Triptych models are very trendy. The fact that the same photo is spread over several media is enough to bring the contemporary note that pleases so much. No frills are necessary because it is the simplicity of the photo that makes its charm. A mountain, a fruit, an animal subject ... each photograph takes on a whole new dimension. Everything lies in the way of cutting the cliché into several panels.

Create your own decoration
Triptych photos are very common. So, the ideal is to do print your own poster to guarantee a rendering specifically adapted to your desires. Everything is done online. You select the photo you want to turn into a wall decoration and then you choose how many parts you want to cut. Select the format that fits your interior and start editing. Note that it is sometimes possible to add some effects like changing colors to black and white. The color of the borders can usually be personalized, which guarantees a deco worthy of your expectations. Do you like everything? Validate your poster and wait until it is delivered.

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