The TEMPOMATIC WC dual-control is an electronic WC direct flush valve fitted with an innovative flush-mounting box, patented by DELABIE. The result of extensive aesthetic research and great technicality, it is design and functional, and adapts to different public places.

The new TEMPOMATIC WC dual-control direct flush valve combines design, hygiene and technicality. Its satin stainless steel plate, which is both robust and very stylish, fits perfectly into any type of ERP. Its 100% waterproof housing can be installed on multiple supports: Placoplatre® rails, solid wall, panel or support frame.

The dual-control TEMPOMATIC WC flush is triggered using the push button, or failing that, automatically when the user leaves. Thus, this feature ensures permanent hygiene of the bowl, even in the event of neglect or negligence on the part of the user. Periodic rinsing prevents bacterial proliferation and rinses the pipes every 24 hours if the toilet is not used. DELABIE's two-control TEMPOMATIC WC has an “intelligent” rinsing feature in automatic mode: the system is able to distinguish the need for a small volume or a large flush volume (3l / 6l adjustable to 2l / 4l ).

DELABIE has also developed a box fitted with notches in front of the flange, ensuring the installation is watertight. Unlike standard products on the market, all elements are accessible from the front. In the event of maintenance, it suffices to remove the plate for easy access to the various components.

On the design side, the TEMPOMATIC WC dual-control plate is available in a satin stainless steel finish with a chromed metal push button. Thanks to its clean lines, it blends into all the sanitary areas of establishments open to the public while being very resistant in the event of vandalism.

An innovative product that suits all places!

Created in 1928, DELABIE is a French family business. European leader in the field of valves and sanitary equipment for establishments open to the public, DELABIE has conquered this market with five product ranges: valves for Public Places, valves for healthcare establishments, accessibility equipment and hygiene accessories, stainless steel sanitary ware and specific fittings.
The company has crossed the borders of France with its 9 subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Spain,
Poland, China, as well as in Portugal, Benelux, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

The choice of the editorial staff
As functional as it is aesthetic, the dual-control TEMPOMATIC WC has attracted the attention of the Muuuz editorial staff, who awarded it the Muuuz International Award 2020 in the “Interior equipment / Sanitary” category.

To learn more, visit DELABIE's website.

Visuals: © DELABIE


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