Marazzi's new research into industrial craftsmanship has resulted in the rediscovery of the beauty of authentic, colorful and decorated ceramics, present in artisan-style collections.

 Result of this meeting of craftsman's know-how and industrial technology, Crogiolo is the expression of two essential components: quality and an aesthetic quest of the highest level, synonymous with constant research and technological innovation. de Marazzi, and the return to the imprint and gestures of man, to the care and attention proper to artisanal work, capable of making spaces vibrate and giving them an enveloping feeling of welcome, beyond styles and time.

The name “Crogiolo” is particularly rich in meaning for Marazzi and its history: it refers to the industrial building where Marazzi was born, in the 1930s, between the railroad and the Modena canal, and to the place where it was created, in the 1980s, the research and experimentation laboratory “Il Crogiolo”. It is there that architects, designers, artists and photographers have been invited to freely interpret the ceramic product, thus giving rise, during an intense season of pure research, to the “Sperimentazioni” Marazzi, these tiles by signed authors. Roger Capron, Amleto Dalla Costa, Original Designers, Saruka Nagasawa, Robert Gligorov, with the photographs of Luigi Ghirri, Cuchi White and Charles Traub.

The “Il Crogiolo” notebooks document the history of the brand and of the 112 projects relating to new decorative applications and techniques, with illustrations, original sketches, photographs and comments from designers and ceramists. Even today, they are a source of inspiration for the company's research.

Alongside D_Segni, D_Segni Scaglie and Colore, the new Crogiolo collections are part of this spirit, in a perfect union between the love of "handmade" as well as that of authentic ceramics and research and innovation. continuous lines that have distinguished Marazzi for over eighty years.

Crogiolo Rice

Thanks to cutting-edge production technology and extensive research into enamels and colors, Rice reinterprets the beauty of hand-made majolica briquettes, saturated with enamel, extremely shiny and imperfect: halos, irregularities, lumps, color differences and graphics make almost every room and every wall composition unique.

Three modular formats - 15x15, 5x15 and 7,5x20 cm - with straight edges for edge-to-edge installation.
A neutral palette - Bianco, Natural and Grigio - with accents of Blu combines with three nature-inspired patterns to create multiple compositions of unique character.


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