Among the most recent challenges in the field of building and architecture, that of well-being occupies a central place, being linked to the Indoor Environment Quality indicator.

It is about a set of parameters, making it possible to evaluate the quality of the interior spaces, and what influences the perception and the psychic and physical balance of the occupants. Four essential parameters must be taken into account: thermal and acoustic comfort, the quality of lighting and that of the air, without forgetting the control of energy consumption. This is how Scrigno - lleader in the design, production and marketing of innovative opening systems, exclusive subframe for retractable sliding doors, solutions flush with the partition, armored doors and technical plinths - presents a complete system, consisting of a door and a plinth, designed to maximize environmental performance and comfort in confined spaces. The Svevo armored door from the Scrigno TECH family with patented Chronoseal plinth from CEE - Scrigno group company specializing in skirting boards and joinery accessories - is the perfect example.

Svevo, available in three models, fits into all contexts and presents itself as a very flexible design element, in particular thanks to its numerous finishes. In addition, it is there to protect the house, reaching anti-burglary class 3 and, associated with the automatic plinth of the Chronoseal range, it eliminates the passage of drafts and noise outside the home. .

This is a unique device of its kind, which allows the plinth to descend to the ground a few seconds after the door is closed, in order to reduce wear. Reversible and very easy to install, the CCE component also guarantees the elimination of friction and noise in the entry and exit phase. Thus, Svevo is perfectly suited to the most delicate surfaces, such as floors covered with carpet or parquet. Two options available: Chronosoft, which stands out for its light movement, and the new Chronoclick, with its delayed click-release descent. In addition, in order to guarantee superior performance, it is possible to add Chronoair, the side elements, which ensure total continuity between the frame and the leaf, for an air / water / wind resistance system. highly efficient. Thin and resistant, the Chronofloor door sill, with its 4 mm height, complies with emergency exit standards and architectural barriers and is the essential accessory for entrances or for applications on uneven floors.  

Sound insulation is a key element for an armored door: thus, Scrigno and CCE's solution creates a physical barrier between the door and the floor, designed to preserve privacy and attenuate sounds coming from outside. .

Finally, Svevo with Chronoseal improves thermal comfort because it prevents the passage of drafts. This ensures warmer spaces in winter and cooler in summer, which also saves energy as well as superior protection against external agents.

About Scrigno:

Founded in Italy in 1989, Scrigno is a leader in the design, production and marketing of exclusive counter frames for retractable sliding doors and windows, armored doors and technical seals. The company's headquarters are located in Sant'Ermete, in the municipality of Santarcangelo di Romagna (Rimini), with an area of ​​50.000 m2. The production sites, which extend over a covered area of ​​30.000 m2, are located a few kilometers away in Savignano sul Rubicone. With more than 300 employees and a production of 400.000 subframes per year exported to more than 30 countries, Scrigno posted a consolidated turnover of nearly 87 million euros in 2019 - of which around 50% was achieved abroad. - and is positioned on the market as a solid group, a benchmark in the sector. The Group has been present since 2003 in the heart of France, in Montceau-les-Mines, with Scrigno France, since 2009 in Barcelona with Scrigno España, since 2014 in Prague with Scrigno SRO and finally since March 2019 in Frankfurt with Scrigno Deutschland. In addition, the Scrigno Group is active in the security sector through Master, a controlled company that produces more than 30.000 armored doors per year at its site in Piacenza (Italy) which covers 20.000 m2. Since June 27, 2018, the company has been part of the Clessidra Capital Partners 3 fund, managed by Clessidra sgr, a leading company in the Italian private equity market. The entry into the Clessidra group marks a new turning point for Scrigno, thanks to a significant contribution of financial resources dedicated to the business expansion plan. It is against this background that the acquisition, in October 2019, of 100% of CCE (Costruzioni Chiusure Ermetiche srl), a leading company in the automatic baseboard sector. Hitherto synonymous with a retractable door, Scrigno has become synonymous with the technical heart of any door. 


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