The sublime Mouvements collection signed by Élitis explores two ultra-innovative digital techniques: PVC free 3D printing and laser engraving. Enough to update new effects that are as surprising as they are disconcerting for the senses ...

In addition to the aesthetics of the collection, it is also the technicality implemented here that serves as a feat. Two renderings emanate then: a lustrous appearance coming off the matt background while offering a volume that one feels to the touch, or a silky satin which, cut in its thickness, reveals other effects, more matt, and also revealing a mysterious relief. In both cases, a collection that renews the work of the material ... 

The lacquered 3D printing offers a striking contrast between the shiny relief and the matt background. Brush strokes, comb streaks, spatula strokes, brush against the fresh plaster to create textures on the surface. Like a plastic artist, the drawings are carried out in a perfect rhythm and a precise gesture. As close as possible to the relief and roughness of the material, all the details of the artist's gestures are revealed on the surface of the wall.

Another technique, new effect with laser engraving. Here, a lively brushstroke to create the ample movement of a freehand drawing… Perfectly transcribed on the surface of a satin fabric. Between mattness and shine, the support is found engraved with furrows, as if corroded. Each detail of the pressure of the brush then becomes a burst of light which makes the material play.

About Élitis: 
Since 1988, Élitis has made creativity its corporate signature. She constantly projects into the future to imagine her future successes. Without the weight of the past, Élitis is free to freely choose its patterns, techniques, materials… As for its sources of inspiration, they are endless… And finally, like Movements, always astonishing proposals that create the event.

Editor's choice:
With its new collection, Élitis gives movement to interiors, dresses them, sublimates them. It is the innovative bias of the product that won over the editorial staff, which awarded it the Muuuz International Award 2021 in the “Layout, materials and coverings / wallpapers” category.



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