With the launch of the glazed versions of the Domofocus and the Ergofocus, two emblematic models of the brand, Focus is expanding its range of eco-efficient models. 

Focus presents a selection of three Ecodesign certified models. These three iconic models of the brand, now available in a glazed version in compliance with the environmental regulations in force, are protected by a Patent. The Gyrofocus and the Domofocus also display a 4 star rating (4 stelle) in the Italian regulations among the most demanding in the world. The Ergofocus is still in the process of being approved. 

Absolutely nothing of the design of the Ergofocus and the Domofocus has been modified. The pure and ergonomic shape of one and the development of the curves of the second, little brother of the Gyrofocus, have been perfectly preserved as well as their 360° swiveling. As on the Gyrofocus, glass walls, devoid of uprights and sliding laterally, offer an intact view of the fire without risk of flying sparks. 

Focus is the only company in the sector to constrain the combustion chamber of its fireplaces to their design. This already difficult challenge has become much more complex with the ambition to close its fireplaces and provide them with real energy performance… the organic shapes of these iconic models were initially not suited to this dual technological challenge! 

Since autumn 2021, the emblematic Gyrofocus, the world's first suspended and rotating fireplace, has been available in a glass version that in no way betrays its status as an icon of international design. Proof that Focus models are not only beautiful, but also intelligent. 


To learn more, visit the Focus website.

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