In an accelerating world, places of retirement are becoming increasingly important. Home provides refuge and provides a sense of security. At the same time, values ​​such as naturalness, longevity and the desire for individuality are becoming increasingly important. 

With the new Arkta range, Alape succeeds in integrating this high requirement into bathroom design. Under the motto "Your personal washplace", the specialist in high-end washbasin tops is therefore now focusing on the entire washbasin, from the washbasin to a finely harmonized interaction with matching accessories, including solutions high quality furniture.

For its range of furniture, developed in collaboration with Sieger design, the high-end manufacturer remains faithful to its position in favor of a well-defined design with a timeless aesthetic. Arkta embodies both “meaning and sensuality”. Exclusive materials, balanced layout, smart details and sustainable use of resources characterize all products in the line. Derived from the Nordic living style, which combines minimalism, friendliness and functionality, a versatile range of furniture is born, which allows personality to express itself and which integrates harmoniously into different living styles thanks to its clean design. and its many customization possibilities.


To learn more, visit the site of Alape.

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