Young space designer, rich in desire and inventiveness, Dorothée Meilichzon was named designer of the year by the Salon Maison & Objet Paris. His fresh and contemporary creations try to tell a story specific to each place and each project. The editorial staff of Muuuz magazine asked a few questions of this new Parisian talent.

For each of its projects, Dorothée Meilichzon inspired craftsmen working with know-how parts and materials that make up the spaces. His work assembles and combines the talents and arts while keeping a real project consistency. His creations depict elegantly unique décor, with occasional touches of mottled pieces wisely. Here are some questions in a portrait of Dorothy:

Muuuz Dorothy, you are designer space. With your words, how would you describe your job?

Dorothy Meilichzon I love above all create and my job allows me to create through many media: space set design, creating furniture, creating logos, corporate identity, design patterns, frescoes .... There really limit as long as it participates in the space: the staff outfits, dinner ...

Muuuz You seem often speak scenario when discussing the design of a place or a space. Tell us how do you put a space scene?

DM To create a unique place must tell a story. And to make the latter "not transferable" it must stems from the location, space ... The starting points are the architecture of the building, the shape of the space (LxWxH) the neighborhood, an architectural or historical detail to the street or the building ... once the base is there, you can place the following: how the concept fits in this context, to be customers in what time are we, what people want right now ... Everything turns goshawks of the final consumer.

Muuuz What are your influences ? And is there a place that has especially marked you?
DM My influences are many and thankfully it allows me to renew myself.
Many places have marked me, especially those where I had a good time: the Box in NY, the Haymarket hotel in London, the Waverly Inn in NY, the Whythe Hotel & the Gramercy park hotel still in NY ...

Muuuz If one were to hold in recent years, say since you began your studies, only one object and one material which would they be?

DM The mirrors, they sublimate space since ancient times and have not been equaled!


{gallery} dorothee-meilichzon / bachaumont {/ gallery}

Hotel Bachaumont, 2015, Paris 2e

{gallery} dorothee-meilichzon / pinson {/ gallery}

Café Pinson, 2014, Paris 10e


For more information, visit the website Dorothy Meilichzon

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