Browsing the city of Irkutsk, the photographer Vladstudio immortalizes these old wooden houses with picturesque architecture and spectacular. Surprising images that we offer today to discover.


In Russia, in eastern Siberia, a few tens of kilometers from Lake Baikal, the traveler will stop in the city of Irkutsk. A city with a particularly rich architectural heritage, which has earned it the nickname the "Paris of Siberia".


Among other major constructions include jumble the "White House", the former residence of the governor general of Eastern Siberia and university library today, the Drama Theatre, the old Russo-Asiatic Bank rehabilitated clinic or former Love hotel today became barracks.


In addition to these institutional buildings, the city also contains more discrete architectural treasures such as the many wooden houses, picturesque and romantic, often finely worked and richly decorated.


Architectures, vestiges of another time, we discover the photographer Vladstudio:









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sources: Englishrussia & Vladstudio

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