For the competition Evolo 2010, the Parisian architectural agency AAA / Crew Design for Architecture has designed this tower ecosystem, vertical greenhouse to produce freshwater from seawater and mangrove. A project that was awarded a special mention by the jury.

On this project, DCA / Crew Design for Architecture says:

"Our project is a tower, true vertical greenhouse, consisting of a multitude of tanks where the mangroves grow.

Mangroves have the characteristic of absorbing sea water and return by evaporation in the air vapor desalinated water. This water contained in the air is recovered by condensation on the plastic shell greenhouses then be collected in fresh water tanks.

Water is conveyed through the tower by tidal turbines drive that pump water from the sea. The network of pipes that supply the tower also serves as a structure. Furthermore, the storage height of the produced fresh water is then used to redistribute the energy using gravity.

The tower, with an area of ​​one hectare divided into plates, 30000 should produce liters of fresh water per day.

We are offering an ecosystem tower, a production tower: a freshwater factory tower.

Almeria is a province in southern Spain located by the sea; it is the place of production of most of the fruit and vegetables of Europe.

Everything is grown there in any season. The sun is constantly present there with more than 2965 hours of sunshine per year: one of the strongest sunshine in the world.

Fruit and vegetable greenhouses can occupy more than 90% of the soil surface. For this reason, this region is nicknamed the “sea of ​​plastic”: greenhouses stretch out into the landscape endlessly, undulating among the hills.

It is in this arid climate sunny but we propose to implement our turn.

A tower designed to produce fresh water to feed crops that occupy floor space.

This organic round implants here in Almeria but one could also imagine in large, dense cities by the sea.

Fresh water being one of the major challenges of our century, new means of production must be considered in order to better distribute this resource on the planet: our turn is one.

It is a new response to the needs of agriculture that uses 70% of the water consumption in the world. "

For more information, visit the website DCA / Crew Design for Architecture.

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