Initiated in June 2018, the liberal ambulatory health center project led by the Community of Municipalities of Lyons Andelle aims to bring together medical and paramedical professionals in order to fight against the lack of practitioners outside the big cities. 

The health crisis having shown the limits of a health system based on large infrastructures, more modest and local health establishments seem to be an alternative and relevant response in terms of healthcare provision. The site dedicated to this new equipment is located in the town of Charleval (27) between its town center and the old station. 

It overlooks the city and its bell tower and is bordered by a disused SNCF track. The operation is part of the process of upgrading this sector. The plot has an old hall which will be restructured later. The presence of this building at the entrance to the site was a support for designing the project. Minerality, beige tints constitute the image of the building. Coupled with the desire to offer interior spaces symbolic of places of care, the building develops a sober and welcoming image.

Inscribed in a site surrounded by trees and adjoining an SNCF hall in conversion, the architects wanted to restore an anchor to the building. The island, all in length, overlooks a departmental road and the town of Charleval. In the background, the presence of the church tower recalls the proximity of the city center. The program of the operation was the subject of consultation with the future practitioners. 

The building arises in the continuity of the existing building and establishes a filiation by the use of beige brick close to the colors of the coating of the hall. The landscape accompanies the project and creates a first level of intimacy. Here, the architects wanted to consider this place of care as a precious, calm place, and the landscape project pays particular attention to the visitor's journey. 

The facilities are imagined as a setting in which the building settles. The peripheral landscaped project keeps pedestrians away from the facades to limit vis-à-vis between the consultation rooms and the outdoor spaces. From the car park at the back of the building, landscape valleys accompany the walk to the hall. The built intervention, for its part, is based on functionality, which is essential for this type of program. 

The architects therefore designed this operation around two common outdoor spaces. At the heart of the building, the patios are extensions of the care and waiting areas. A more gardened atmosphere stands out from the exterior layout and offers another situation, more intimate and attentive to the senses: essences with remarkable smells, textures and blooms, as well as essences with medicinal virtues, evoking the identity of the program. The species chosen are self-sufficient and require little water and maintenance. The project solves the equation of being a new place of reception and care for the inhabitants. The outdoor facilities and the building echo each other, creating a natural and protective setting


Visuals ©: Maaj Architectes, Florence Vesval

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