Until June 20, on the occasion of Milan Design Week, the exhibition "Le parole per dirtelo" (Words to tell you) will take place, designed and curated by Andrea Dall'Olio. An event held in the space of viale Monza 106, in the NoLo district of Milan, where 28 works of art inspired by the power of words are installed.

"After two years of distance and silence, of absence of contact, perceived as a source of danger, we are rediscovering new, older means of communication. New, older ways of caressing ourselves with thoughts, of embrace us with words". Andrea Dall'Olio started from this idea to create works of art that, through combinations of textures, materials and colors, visually highlight the letters, reinforcing their meaning.

Based on the assumption that words, one of the most powerful forces in human beings, can both unite and bind, separate and divide society, as well as couples and entire families, Dall'Olio has selected 28 words of great emotional force, full of meaning, which are transmitted and shared here.

Thus, the inconstant words imprinted on an image exist as a multidimensional physical object. Words that also become beautiful in the figurative sense because they are imprisoned in a frame, in an impression, in a texture; and their meaning also exists because they are held by these same frames.

A deep theme, where meaning and significance can live in a designed project, which only sensitive and expert creatives can achieve.

The personal exhibition will be held in the splendid setting of Monza 106, a multidisciplinary space created to welcome creators of all kinds.

Visuals ©: “Courtesy by Andrea Dall'Olio”.


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