On the occasion of the exhibition Urban Play, NL Architects slides shrubs in caddies to provide an urban green space with variable geometry. Playful but also prospectively, this installation questions the status of the plant in the city.

As part of the event Experimenta Design Amsterdam which runs from November 18 2 September 2008, Droog Design Amsterdam organizes the exhibition Urban Play, Event presenting a comprehensive overview of the creation in urban design, alongside the usual institutional and decision circuits. Urban Play and exposes a free creation, freed from regulatory shackles and platitudes. A creation whose installation Moving Forest NL Architects is a perfect example.

Moving with Forest, NL Architects, Dutch architecture firm based in Amsterdam, invites us to redefine the role of green spaces in our cities. Beyond the traditional forms, the Dutch designers we suggest new typologies, scalable, mobile and adaptable, inviting the user to action.

Discover a project presentation video:

[youtube] GPvLo_RKkRw [/ youtube]

For more information, visit Urban Play

Also read, "Urban Gardens"Our recent article on the Park (ing) Day, an exhibition of temporary gardens in city centers.

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