Born in Japan, raised in New Zealand, and now based in Milan, designer Keiji Takeuchi draws his inspiration from many universes.

He notably created a chair / coffee table duo combining aesthetics, comfort and respect for the environment, for the furniture publisher Cruso.

Through his collaboration with the Cruso brand, designer Keiji Takeuchi reinvents the codes of relaxation, offering a new dimension to these everyday objects. Originality, accuracy and simplicity reflect the expression of these pieces, delivered in minimum packaging, flat, to limit their impact on the environment.

Their name, Springback, is a reference to the eponymous engineering process: only 10 screws are needed to assemble these timelessly designed pieces. Lightness and robustness characterize this table / chair set made of fine oak and walnut wood.

Meeting with Keiji Takeuchi, like the Proust questionnaire.

- Those who pushed me into the path of design: it came naturally. Since I was a child, I have liked to find my own way of doing things. I remember that in Japan we used to have a tradition of cleaning the school after class. While cleaning the corridors, which was done with the hands on the floor, legs stretched out, the other children and I were doing the “zoukin race”. So I asked my grandparents, who were dressmakers, to sew my rag to slip my hands into it so that it wouldn't get stuck in the wooden floors and lose it. This simple trick allowed me to go faster than my friends and win the races.

- My first design crush: When I was little I remember a car suspended high up which indicated the entrance to a parking lot in Japan. I was fascinated by its shapes, I later learned it was a Porsche 911. Then, around the age of 20, I loved Muji's wall mounted CD player.

- My favorite designer: oh! It's hard for me to choose, but the ones I remember are Poul Kjærholm, Pierre Paulin and Dieter Rams

- The quality that I prefer in craftsmen: their human warmth.

- The quality that I prefer among publishers: Their passion

- My main inspiration when I start a project: the way people live with these objects.

- The main reason for getting involved in a project: when from a personal approach, I perceive the possibility of improving an object, its presence in our daily life.

- My favorite occupation outside of design / creation: cooking, whether Japanese, Chinese, Italian… I don't put up barriers. Rather simple things, home cooking that allows me to create happy moments with my loved ones.

- What would be my greatest success in the sector? I think that an object should always be developed taking into account certain ethical and environmental values. The success would therefore be to give shape to these values ​​through my projects with the help of the editors, and that the users, can naturally be happy to live with what has been achieved without necessarily having knowledge of all these processes.

- Besides myself, who would I like to be? an eagle.

- The country where I would like to live: New Zealand.

- My favorite color: dark green and blue.

- My favorite material: wood.

- The technique I would like to develop further: sculpture.

- The architect I admire: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

- The iconic piece I would have liked to create: the Glo-ball lamp by Jasper Morrison.

- The music that inspires me when I work: instrumental music.

- My favorite painters / artists: Constantin Brancusi and Isamu Noguchi - The object / project that I would like to develop one day: redo the interior of an airliner as a whole: seats, floor covering, dishes… Just like the 'had done some designers for the airline Braniff: create a global experience.

- The fault that inspires me the most indulgence: I am an eternal optimist, I do not pay too much attention to the faults of others.

- The gift of nature that I would like to have: perhaps be more objective and avoid that emotions sometimes take precedence over my reason.

- The present state of my mind: "super happy", while being aware of what is happening around me.

- My motto: "We must find a reason to exist".

About Cruso :

CRUSO is a Belgian furniture brand. It offers contemporary objects designed by internationally recognized designers. The brand adopts an eco-responsible production process with local and sustainable raw materials, European manufacture as well as only land transport. CRUSO products are simple and warm. They are designed for intensive use and are perfect for the family cocoon or for professional environments.

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