A terrace on the Seine and an underwater cellar for an exceptional parenthesis in the heart of Paris. Installed on a barge at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, Francette is the new floating escape designed by Label Experience and the Fuga Family.

The Parisian agency Label Experience presents a new experiential place of which it has the secret. When a six-year-old barge, brought back by the Vedettes de Paris from Belgium, becomes free at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the opportunity is too good: it must be made a place apart!

The Fuga Family, designer of exceptional places in Paris, then took on this audacious project and offered Label Experience an ideal playground to provide visitors with a memorable experience.

Very quickly, Label Experience designed both a dazzling, delicate and functional space in this place on three levels, conducive to a change of scenery, inspired by the great cruises on the Atlantic at the end of the 19th century. As a tribute to this era, all the furniture was made in France by French manufacturers, sometimes personalized but very often made to measure.

On the first level, Francette Penthouse is the ideal space to sip a cocktail and taste tapas from the sea at the feet of the Iron Lady. The "flashy" colors and the wooden chairs warm up this space opposite the 7-meter-long bar, which was designed in black stainless steel for coolness. Above, a roof-top terrace, dedicated to street food from the sea, offers an incredible view.

At level 0, the Parisian bistro Chez Francette offers healthy and summery cuisine in a club but discreet atmosphere. 

The structure of the glazed barge contrasts here with the custom-made furniture and carpeting with heavy patterns, which recall the spirit of treasures brought back from travels. The bright colors (green, red and orange) and a mix of velvet curtains bring both an "old school" and contemporary atmosphere. The fabric of the seats takes up a Californian caning pattern, the frame of the railings of the barge and the ceiling of the Penthouse Francette. The bar, rounded and lacquered green fits perfectly into the space.

In the hold of the boat is hidden La Cave, the first underwater wine cellar in Europe with more than 3000 bottles, in a subdued and intimate atmosphere. Label Experience has installed mercury-coated mirrors here that give the space a patina effect while offering an enlarged view.

This timeless space is full of custom-designed elements: the cellar shelves were made with oak veneer, which echoes the shape of the railings. On the ground, an old train carriage floor was used for an aged style in solid wood plank as if it had taken on water. As for the Corten steel of the table, a living and evolving material, it immerses the guests in the atmosphere of the hold of a boat.

Francette or this floating escape in which we really want to nestle, the time of an evening... Brand Experience labelTo learn more, visit the Label Experience website.


Visuals ©: Stéphane Muratet


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