Here is an association that does not lack pep. For its new collection entitled TRIBUTE, NV GALLERY has chosen the duo of lovers Alice Barbier and JS Roques to create a line in the image of the couple: elegant and refined.

Jaimetoutcheztoi is the story of an alchemy. As a couple since college, these art, photography and fashion enthusiasts offer a line that reflects their image: sober and refined. Their vision of design and aesthetics, they put it at the service of NV GALLERY with whom they worked on the design of the seven pieces of the TRIBUTE collection. Thus, from this collaboration was born a line imbued with elegance, finesse and simplicity.

This is the first time that NV GALLERY has implemented this type of collaboration, and also a first foray into the exercise of furniture design for the duo Jaimetoutcheztoi. The choice of materials, colors and shapes was made almost instinctively. 

Thus were born creations with simple lines and curves, which play on the sensuality of the materials and on the effects of contrasts: between matte finishes and other more lacquered ones. 

Here is a universe full of softness in sober colors between black, white and shades of beige… simplicity is redefined here and so is elegance.




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