Anne-Julie Martinon and Marc-Antoine Richard from the MAAJ architecture agency have carried out the rehabilitation of this small duplex apartment located in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. In this place bathed in natural light, two staggered staircases made up of storage blocks cleverly free up space.

On this project, MAAJ states:

"The project rehabilitates the double East / West orientation necessary for constant and diffused natural lighting, enlarging the space. Restoring the double orientation shows that by simple measures, a space can be completely transformed by light. essential of the project gives access to the attic in order to install two bedrooms. In this double-height space, a set of pistons forms two staggered staircases made up of storage. The blocks are juxtaposed, fit together and fit in order to grouping the functions necessary for each room (HI-FI, TV, library, wardrobe, etc.). Grouping the uses was essential to avoid reducing space. "

To learn more, visit MAAJ.

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