In Paris, a stone's throw from the Ourcq canal (19th arrondissement), the aqma architectural firm has completely redesigned the interior of a 70 square meter apartment. Visit.

At the request of the new owners, a couple with two children, the architects of the aqma agency, Amandine Quurez and Matthias Aguilar, have designed a welcoming family apartment, whose unique layout commands attention.

Spread over two levels, the apartment now functions as a convivial space which is suitable for family life, but also for everyone's tranquility. On the ground floor, each room is cleverly arranged and decorated with custom-designed furniture so that the shared spaces are warm and easy to live with. Covered by a glass roof, the balcony opens onto the dining room, giving the room its own identity. The mezzanine, on the other hand, is more intimate. Reserved for children, this floor includes a bathroom and a large bedroom. With a large glass roof, it is bathed in natural light throughout the day.

The kitchen had to be more intimate, out of sight, to spend time with the family.
Behind a semi-open arch, the master bedroom has intentionally been moved near the living room and the entrance to open onto the living rooms. A way to break the usual separation of day and night rooms.

It is a minimal and functional apartment in which parents and children can live in harmony.

To learn more, visit the website of the aqma agency.

Visuals: © Nobuyoshi Takagi


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