Standard or custom? The architect Giovanna Caminiti has no doubt: the house must be "sewn" on the people who live there. Hence her mantra with which she defines each of the projects she signs: “tailor-made, like a shirt”.

The project for this apartment in Reggio Calabria, commissioned by a young couple, started from this idea: the open space kitchen can be hidden, when necessary, by a large glass door and the laundry room is a "secret" inside. inside the cellar.

Most of the furniture, an integral part of the project, was designed by the architect and made to measure by local craftsmen in relaxing, neutral colors. The beating heart of the house is represented by the large living room which develops in three areas: the kitchen, the dining room/office and the living room, raised by 15 cm compared to the rest of the room.

The wall on the back of the dining room table is made of oak and is a real multifunctional element: on one side of the main pillar it acts as a desk, while on the other it is a structure that hosts the TV, the library and the beautiful Palazzetti fireplace. The structure where the latter is housed has been studied down to the smallest detail: thanks to fireproof plasterboard and insulation with rock wool, it has thus been possible to create a niche bar and its liqueurs right next to the hearth. .

Thanks to its coated cast iron structure, the Monoblocco 78 Frontale Easy Line Aria fireplace is perfect for responding to the most complex interior design projects. It is a versatile product that manages to satisfy any type of project outcome. In addition, the lifting door is completely retractable during use of the hearth and thus leaves the hearth open in order to experience all the magic of the fire and hear the crackling of the logs.

The Monoblocco 78 offers the poetry of the fireplace, a feeling of enveloping comfort, the warmth you want in winter and it is totally odorless when you use it. In addition, the pocket lift door also has a hinged opening thanks to a small hexagonal key and thus facilitates the cleaning of the inner side of the glass. Finally, the possibility of associating a ventilation kit makes it possible to heat an adjacent room.


Visuals ©: Giovanna Caminiti

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