Self-taught, endowed with an unparalleled holistic vision, Victoria-Maria Geyer has been passionate about decoration and design since her earliest childhood. Based in Brussels, this German interior designer founded her interior design agency in 2008.

Ultra sparkling, the latter has always had a passion for beautiful objects, stylized and eclectic decorations. She enjoys associating patterns, materials and eras creating colorful interiors and a source of infinite joy. 

Specialized in the decoration of private residences, Victoria-Maria and her teams work throughout Europe. They accompany the owners from the beginning of the construction site to the furnishing and the choice of the latest accessories. A project most often begins with an object, an image or a piece of furniture that appeals to it, resulting in a story that Victoria-Maria will weave and create using her material library and the pieces that she has referenced for years. . The result is always grandiose: warm, graphic and with a joyful touch of surrealism. 

In 2022, the interior designer is launching his first line of furniture made up of 13 self-published creations called Heimat, a nod to the home, the objects we love and his German origins. Victoria-Maria, a true europhile, has not finished making people talk about her, with her private projects and her new brand of furniture, a breath of fresh air is blowing in the world of decoration and design. 


Visuals ©: Nathalie Gabay, Belen Imaz & Pedro Bermejà



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