A Chiavari, in northern Italy, the architect Nicola Spinetto in collaboration with Daniele Mainetti has transformed a backyard to install a landscaped garden 175 m² and a summer kitchen. To work around the constraints of the site, including a difference of level 3 meters, the architect plot space into green roofs.

To expand the perception of space, and connect the top and bottom of the garden, Nicola Spinetto has partitioned space by terraces that draw as a contour of game and bypass the existing and glide to the new garden . Retaining walls, siding and decking floor are made of Douglas fir. Used both as a structural element and as a unifying element of the different parts of the project, the Douglas Fir evolve over time and becomes gray over time and the seasons.


Photographs: Sergio Grazia

For more information, visit the website Nicola Spinetto

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