In Germany, the Kalhöfer-Korschildgen architectural firm shows us how to transform a roof terrace into a pleasant furnished terrace in the blink of an eye. A light and playful intervention.

In Cologne Lövenich, this local architectural firm recently delivered an original furniture arrangement for a room with overhead lighting.

Under the zenithal lighting, along the staircase giving access to the roof, a retractable and equipped wall is created. This structure, light and mobile, includes a folding table, chairs and deckchairs. To take possession of the roof, all you have to do is open the roof window, raise the wall upwards and then unfold the table, unhook the chairs and sit down to enjoy the sun and the view.

The interior space extends over the roof. The inhabitant finds at his disposal an extra room, ideal for sunbathing and romantic evenings in the moonlight.

A modest intervention, but which offers a space for original life and the horizon as spectacle.

To learn more about this project and other work-Kalhöfer Korschildgen, visit their website.

Photo credits: Jörg Hempel Photodesign

Source: Judit Bellostes

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