A new residential complex emerged from the ground at the beginning of April. Located to the east of the Garonne river, the Dutch architectural firm MVRDV has just completed work on the Îlot Queyries, presenting a particularly striking ceramic outer shell.

This architectural structure is located just opposite the largest cathedral in France: in the heart of the historic center of Bordeaux. This project is intended to be a culmination of urban planning. With this new construction, the architects want to give a form of future to the life of this growing city.

They reflect the master plan of the old town on the bank side of the bastide Niel and make the new residential courtyard, which surrounds a park-like green space, a visual landmark in the district. The future of the city is thus linked to history.

The imposing new building is distinguished by its heights, depths and slopes. Its dazzlingly clear three-dimensional envelope catches the eye from afar. Its white tiled facade also extends to the rooftops with assurance. It is distinguished by sharp and precise edges of the red roughcast of the inner courtyard, which makes its way here and there to the outside by contrasting cutouts, views and passages. This is how this modern sculptural island was born, combining ecology, light and comfort.

A beautiful creation signed MVRDV.


Visuals ©: OssipArchitectuurfotogr, Rotterdam



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