Located in the ZAC VIA SILVA of Cesson-Sévigné, in the immediate vicinity of the new Rennes Métropole metro line, the project consists of a set of four office buildings coming to be established along a new structuring way for the neighborhood. 

Here, the architects have developed a volumetry in terraces in order to clear the southern facades and thus provide access to the terraces spread over the last levels of the building. The project is divided into four distinct volumes while a central body structures the whole. 

It includes vertical circulations and spaces of conviviality and promotes the formation of informal places of exchange. The choice of location chosen for the project aims to optimize interior circulation and limits exterior shots in order to guarantee maximum confidentiality. Three levels of parking make it possible to catch up with the level of the road and include the 474 places requested in the program. 

The office floors are well lit. The circulation spaces are generous and open onto spaces dedicated to exchanges and meetings. The positioning of the relaxation areas, at the interface between the work surfaces, offers clearances and pleasant views of the wide landscape and the conviviality terraces. 

For its part, the fifth facade responds to several programmatic requests: a building integrating a collective spirit and a generosity of spaces to live and share, promoting exchanges. 

Each building seeks its own monumentality, its own language to be able to exist and create, without formal excess, a programmatic entity. The volumetry has been designed so that the orientations and heights vary, adapting according to their situation, the program, the terrain and the light. 

The facades, through their games of reflection, will give the buildings an evanescence, an immateriality that will make the depth of the volume and interior spaces appear or disappear. Light is the fundamental actor of its perception. Architecture enters into a process of change through reflections and transparencies. 

Changes that will be amplified by the night lighting which, in an inversion game, will reveal the full depth and real composition of the building. The superimpositions of the frames on the front create subtle kinetic effects. The random inclusion of solid aluminum frames creates additional shimmer. 

This architecture is a reflection of the activity it houses, powerful, rigorous and resolutely turned towards the future. The building, a place of research, sharing and conviviality, opens onto the Metropolis. Its technical, environmental and social functioning will make the Campus a vector of communication, a tool for sustainable development in the noblest and most ambitious sense. 


Location: Eco-district Viasilva - Cesson-Sévigné (35)

Client: Groupe Giboire, Groupe Lamotte and ARC Promotion

Architects: ALTA Le Trionnaire and Le Chapelain

Project managers: Sébastien Le Sager and Alexis Biard

Visuals ©: S. Chalmeau 


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