The concept of this set installed in Sopot in Poland, is inspired by the complexity of the waves of the sea and the local tradition of ornamental details carved on the facade elements. Based on these, the architects created a complex of five interdependent buildings, evoking wavy patterns. 

The first “wave”, the result of a long design and construction process, includes specialized medical laboratories, a research and development center and administrative spaces.

The perforated white facade that surrounds Wave One is partially inspired by a series of photographs by Pierre Carreau, entitled AquaViva. Here the architects have analyzed the geometric complexity of the sea waves captured by the photographer. 

The arched 3D shapes, frozen in time, were translated into an architectural language that shaped the final form of the building. With 1362 perforated triangular panels, the facade, like a wave, curves at its crest.

Perforations that create ventilation and dissipation of the building in space, particularly visible in the upper part of the facade.


Visuals ©: FAAB, Maciej Lulko


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