The Negropontes Gallery offers this year an anthology of artists and new signatures. All place quality and originality at a very high level. 

Mirroring the Minimal / Baroque exhibition that the Negropontes Gallery is devoting at the same time to the Italian artist Gianluca Pacchioni, a set of Cremino pedestal tables will be presented at the PAD. Self-taught artist, passionate about materials and in particular metalwork, Gianluca Pacchioni is both a sculptor and a designer. Each of his pieces is made to be viewed from multiple angles. Its pedestal tables play on the contrast between the extremely worked and polished metal and the smooth or left raw stone which is reflected in it. The eye is in perpetual discovery, guided by the hand of the artist. 

Visitors will also discover the works of Erwan Boulloud, presented for the first time at PAD Paris on the stand of the Galerie Negropontes. Creator of sometimes strange pieces, he tells through his creations a story of our humanity. The Atacama enfilade refers to the hottest desert existing on our planet. The bronze that composes it has the exact appearance of the thirsty cracking earth. Its skilful patina gives it all the shades of brown. Inside, as often with Erwan Boulloud, the mechanisms are magnified, contrasting with the exterior. The gaze is disturbed by this material that we can no longer identify, between wild nature and controlled creation.

Jean-Christophe Malaval, meanwhile, is a designer of jewellery, or more precisely of sculptures that are worn on the finger. Each is extremely worked, chiseled, wanting to be as present as possible while maintaining harmony with the hand and its gestures. Jean-Christophe Malaval sculpts inspired by a dream town planning, a world of fantasy. For the first time in Paris, he is presenting his ceramic Atlantis vase formed of a tangle of tentacles that sends us back to a Mediterranean mythology.

Ulrika Liljedahl uses natural materials that she weaves or combs and assembles to give them a new dimension. Her installation Présence AigueMarine is made of assembled and dyed horsehair that seems to twirl and undulate according to an internal movement. The luminous blue chosen by the artist and which contrasts with the deep black, evokes the most oceanic of stones, aquamarine, which comes from the crests of the waves according to ancient legends.

Perrin & Perrin have for their part a long and rich common history with the Negropontes Gallery. Their installation 5°11 is made up of "Build-in-Glass" glass cylinders which are reminiscent of the ice cores extracted from the poles and in which the entire history of our Earth is inscribed. The couple of sculptors uses the primordial elements: water, fire and air, in order to translate a cosmogonic vision into this complex and attractive material which is their own. From their previous glass creations, Boléro, Alto and Nocturnal, bronzes with a matte patina have been made which complement their work on the transparency of the material. Light no longer reveals it by passing through it but by being reflected or absorbed by it. 

There are also several pieces of furniture by Hervé Langlais on the Galerie Negropontes stand. In particular the Capri console, clad in white marble and lacquer, whose curves match those of the Saint-Germain mirror, which is adorned with delicate parchment. The interplay of lines and materials are dear to the designer who seeks purity. This echoes one of Etienne Moyat's latest creations. For the Abstraction panel, the sculptor drew fine geometric undulations. He patinated his piece in pearly white, like a shell. Finally, the Galerie Negropontes works in close collaboration with the Ateliers Pinton and presents an artist's tapestry from the factory as well as a resolutely original carpet signed Perrin & Perrin. And as always, two photos by Dan Er Grigorescu, in black and white, punctuate the scenography of the stand.


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the 7 10 April 2022 the



Visuals ©: Galerie-Negropontes, OvalCremino, G.Pacchioni

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