Galerie Marguerite is the story of a passion: the passion for art and craftsmanship. Located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, this small boutique, founded by Frédérique Pélisse, offers everyday objects and exceptional pieces to embellish homes. 

Crockery, vases, cushions, lamps, paintings… unique pieces or small series, handcrafted, each object sold in this gallery (or on its website) conveys a passion for beauty.

Frédérique knows each craftsman personally (about twenty), and her proximity to the creators allows her to share their stories and know-how with each visitor. 

She ensures that the objects remain accessible, so that many amateurs can have fun (or have fun). 

All the objects offered are made in France, by carefully selected passionate craftsmen with whom Frédérique seeks to create a lasting bond. She visits their workshops, chooses each object presented in her shop and maintains permanent contact with them. It is even common to come across one or the other passing through the gallery, most of them living in the Île de France.

More generally, Galerie Marguerite is committed to the craftsmen it selects and supports them in their development.

In this logic, she works with a limited number of creators, favoring quality over quantity. Thus, each visitor crossing the doors of his gallery is caught by the beauty of the objects presented, of an unequaled finesse...


Visuals ©: In the trees: Galerie Marguerite, others: Pauline Magdeleinat 



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