In summer, Clos Lucé is also alive at night. Shows, musical walks or candle-lit circus performances light up his evenings.

Le Clos Lucé unveils its selection of nocturnal appointments to discover its castle and its park in a new light. On the program: Theatrical Nocturnes on July 15, 16 & 17 at 21:30 p.m., and Night Strolls on August 12 & 13 from 20:30 p.m. to midnight!

The success of the Nocturnes théâtrales in 2021, with the show A Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare, directed by Didier Girauldon and Constance Larrieu, could not remain without a follow-up. Three evenings, July 15, 16 and 17, are dedicated to La Nuit des Rois by the same author. At nightfall, the castle becomes the enchanting setting of William Shakespeare's play. Twelfth Night is a comedy written at the height of its glory between 1600 and 1601.

Performed live on period instruments, traditional Italian songs, tarantellas and works from Shakespeare's contemporary Elizabethan repertoire (such as Purcell or Dowland) rub shoulders with pieces of today's music.

The play is specifically adapted for Clos Lucé by the director Didier Girauldon, director of the drama department of the Orléans Conservatory, in collaboration with Constance Larrieu, director and musician. Didier Girauldon and Constance Larrieu deliver here a rhythmic version, in the spirit of trestles theatre, centered on the intrigue, the poetry and the humor, specific to the great Shakespearean comedies.

The 2022 Nocturnal Strolls honor the nature so dear to Leonardo.

On August 12 and 13, they will host the performance "Wald" (forest) by the circus company Right Way Down as well as "Léonard au naturel", a show by pianist Patrick Scheyder dedicated to this crazy lover of nature and life under all its forms, at the same time artist, engineer, botanist.

Combining music and texts, this creation brings together Patrick Scheyder, the actor Jean-Claude Drouot, Denis Cheissoux, journalist and producer of the program "CO2 mon amour" on France Inter, Mostafa Fahmy on the violin, Samir Homsi on the oud and Abdelghani Benhelal on the song.

Performing arts and nature are particularly honored in the 2022 edition of Flâneries nocturnes. Leonardo da Vinci is fascinated by nature; she is his absolute master. Raised in the Tuscan countryside until the age of 14, Leonardo learned to know plants and to communicate with animals such as horses. He also admires the strength of the natural elements. In texts of rare beauty, Leonardo da Vinci equates “human body” with “earthly body”. He thinks that the sea is the blood of the Earth, that the rivers and rivers are its veins.


Visuals ©: Léonard de Serres


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