Once again, Foscarini chooses the art of photography to tell its evolution and its products. On the occasion of Design Week 2022, which will be held from May 10 to 20 in New York, the brand will present "The City of Light", an original photographic project by Gianluca Vassallo and Francesco Mannironi specially dedicated to the city.

Its protagonist, Uptown, is a sculptural floor lamp by Ferruccio Laviani, which pays homage to the world's most iconic skyline, Manhattan. A lamp-sculpture, an impacting skyscraper of light, Uptown is a composition in three volumes made of tempered, colored and screen-printed glass plates, in the primary colors yellow, red and blue, superimposed to generate intense chromatic effects.

Illustration of Foscarini's experimental approach, Uptown has been reinterpreted in a totally off-scale version and inserted into some of the city's most emblematic places: Greenpoint, Wall Street, Broadway and Midtown.

The photographs reveal the particular identity of Uptown, based on transparency, a red thread that has guided every choice in the development of the design, such as the 45° edges that make the meeting of the different glass plates imperceptible.

What cannot be seen, and seems completely absent, has been intentionally hidden: what remains is an impression of simplicity, for an immediate interpretation of an object of great complexity. Remarkable even when extinguished, Uptown becomes an absolute protagonist of spaces when it comes to life. The LED light source, equipped with a dimmer, is hidden in the base: when the lamp is on, the plates fill with colors and the light is projected upwards.

Uptown is a lamp with a lively personality, an example of an extraordinary charisma that defines its surroundings by the force of its presence. Foscarini Spazio Soho showcases Uptown and this new photographic project, inviting visitors to enter to discover the Nile lamp by Rodolfo Dordoni and the Chiaroscura model by Alberto & Francesco Meda, the brand's latest creations presented for the first time on the American market.


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