"Make new with old", the new mantra for interior designers? Heather furniture, reissues of big names in 1950s design, and the comeback of wallpaper, it's difficult to know if the trendy interiors are in fact not those of our grandparents. Pioneer of this trend, the German brand 70s wallpaper reinterprets the typical motifs of the 1970s to integrate them into contemporary interiors. Zoom on wall decorations that do not tapestry!

Scandinavian and Japanese drawings gradually seem to give way to the opulence of the 1970s and 1980s. Bright colors, repetitive and almost hypnotic patterns, and above all marked identity herald the end of the pale and monochrome interiors visible in recent years. A return to print which also signifies a desire to personalize its interior, as opposed to the Zen trends that have too long occupied the pages of decorative magazines.
If Pantone announces a Classic Blue most bland as color of the year, it is towards the graphics of colored wallpapers that we prefer to turn. Let them be tropical and poetic in Town Dress or graphics like “Fragment”, collection of Eno Studio and Number 111 winner of the MIAWs 2019, the wallpaper returns to our home, for our greatest pleasure. The opportunity for the editorial staff of Muuuz to examine the German brand 70s wallpaper, literally "tapestry of the 1970s", whose nostalgic patterns will certainly appeal to vintage lovers!

The story begins in 2003 when the future founder of 70s wallpaper decides to redecorate his apartment. In search of a seventies-inspired wallpaper, he turned to unsold stocks from a former retailer, which he then auctioned off on the internet. A revelation follows then: he is therefore not the only one to look for these very particular patterns, specific to wall coverings from the 1970s. However, reselling vintage wallpapers has its share of problems: mold, obsolete adhesives and complicated restocking, constraints that push him to call on contemporary designers to recreate these printed versions. It's the birth of the brand 70s wallpaper.

Using around fifty creators, ranging from emerging artists like Lisa Bengtsson or Dupenny to large fashion houses like Versace or Le Monde Sauvage, the brand offers a selection of quality combining retro inspirations and contemporary patterns. Like a small designer boutique, production is limited in order to offer the customer only the crème de la crème, the one that will stick to both the trend and the personality of its future owner. But beware, this does not necessarily mean endless delivery times, on the contrary! The company makes it a point of honor to store its products, thus promising a delivery time of 1 to 2 working days from receipt. So whether you urgently need coating for a shoot or are just an impatient decorator, 70s wallpaper assures us of quickly receiving our fresco.

In a world where we question ourselves about excessive consumption patterns and the material degradation of our goods, it is essential for decoration brands to position themselves. In order to be part of an environmental approach, 70s wallpaper set up the Versuso Lino, a wallpaper that can be entirely composted. While most wallcoverings cannot be recycled due to their components and manufacturing processes, it was important for company executives to think about a biodegradable product that rhymes with ethics and aesthetics. Entirely designed with sustainable and natural materials such as linen and guaranteed without dye, the Versuso Lino emphasizes resource saving and sustainability, being itself most robust. However, despite a timeless style, it will potentially be removed by its owners one day. You can then throw it into a compost heap without hesitation, where it will disintegrate and return to the earth without causing any harm.

70s wallpaper, a brand that combines vintage, contemporary and ecological awareness. What find it quickly on our walls!

Photographs: Wallpaper from the 70s

Zoe Térouinard

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