“Tropicalizing the city”: this is the objective of this project dedicated to the medicine of tomorrow. Between nature and architecture, this 8000 m² building located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris was elected building of the year 2022 by ArchDaily. A work signed by the Franco-Brazilian architecture firm Triptyque.

Combining nature and urbanism: this is the bet taken up by the designers of this new kind of project.

Among them we find the architect Olivier Rafaeli, the designer Philippe Starck who was in charge of the architectural design of the spaces of Villa M and the artistic direction of the project without forgetting Amanda Lehmann and Thierry Lorente (both creators and designers ).

Owned by the Pasteur Mutualité Group, this place opened its doors in September 2021 to the entire health community, but also to local residents, travelers and all those who make their health and well-being a priority. 

Several spaces punctuate the life of this huge glass building, including spaces for innovation, work, care, coworking and catering.

But the real plus of this architectural creation is its tropical facade.

Here man and his constructions no longer oppose nature and the living to fully take into account the ecological challenges...

It was for Villa M to exploit the available surface to potentiate the revegetation. Objective: plant wherever possible in favor of biodiversity and make sure not to use energy-intensive technologies. Successful bet. The building abounds with various plants, including medicinal species (which are used in the concoction of herbal teas in particular). How nature and care go very well together...

Visuals ©: Michel Denancé


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