This vaulted former workshop houses the history of one of the oldest trade routes in Bolzano, Italy. From this historical heritage, was born a place of conviviality and restoration between contemporary finesse and period architecture, signed noa*network of architecture.

This old building, located on Via Dr. Streiter has retained much of its original appearance. Characterized by stone arches that have their origins in medieval times, the architecture here retains the original style of this former workshop, in order to perpetuate its soul of yesteryear. Moreover, the establishment is located not far from the Via Portici, the main axis of the city which was for a long time a hub of trade for Italian and German-speaking merchants since the 13th century. 

Thus, the house exhibits a fascinating past that dates back centuries and is brimming with life and variety. The architects wanted the mercantile history of Bolzano to emerge clearly from its walls…

On the exterior façade, the architects chose a smoky white plaster with an enlargement of the entrance arch. Here, a new black metal tripartite window follows the segmental arch and allows for good natural lighting while providing a timeless design.

For the interior, the idea was to highlight the four arches which, on either side, punctuate the depth of almost 19 meters of the room. To do this, noa* worked on both horizontal and vertical dimensions. In the first case, the existing internal height difference was resolved with an oak platform at the entrance, while a polished grey-beige screed was chosen for the floor. In this way, there is no strong color contrast with the walls, and the harmony of colors enhances the whole space. On the other hand, noa* designed the lighting in such a way that the spotlights delicately underline the curves of the arches.

In terms of decoration, the interior designers have opted for a bohemian atmosphere. Moreover, the owner of the place (Roswitha Mayr), wanted to give the space a personal touch thanks to her artisanal talents in order to create floral compositions. These creations are structured around a pivotal element: a 7 meter long counter placed under a ceiling of flower baskets.

All offering a warm atmosphere, respecting the universe of an eminently historic place.


Visuals © : AlexFilz


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