It is in Mahilpur, in the district of Hoshiarpur, in Punjab in India that this very modern school is erected. Located in a rural farming village, this architecturally stunning establishment welcomes children from different social backgrounds…

Here, the design of the building was very fluid. A building which had to be accessible from the two roads of the village and whose audacious design had to impose itself in the distance...

In general, the architecture was designed to create an invitation to enter the premises. The walls have been shaped in curves and arcs so that the heat plays hide and seek and allows the students to work in the best possible conditions… To keep the coolness, they have been raised on one side.

The facade was designed to illustrate the laws of reflection, cast shadows to put physics into practice and create a kaleidoscope of shadows and penumbra.

In order to avoid congestion and to facilitate reception in the event of large crowds, several waiting rooms, large and small, are integrated into the establishment, between formal and more informal spaces...

An auditorium, the first of its kind in the region, has also been designed to accommodate large numbers of people.

A project signed by architects Ar.Badrinath kaleru and Ar.Prerna kaleru.


Visuals ©: Ar.Purnesh Dev Nikhanj.


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