Birkenstock, Forte Forte, EN Spa ... As the gift race begins, the Muuuz editorial team invites you to discover the trendiest new boutiques in the capital. What inspire you a few weeks of Christmas.


VINSON & Co: Birkenstock 1774 Showroom
From old fashioned to ultra trendy, the German sandal brand Birkenstock is opening a Parisian showroom dedicated to the exhibition of its latest collaborations. Now in tune with the times, the German firm offers a contemporary interior designed by the British studio Vinson & Co. Located in a Parisian apartment on rue Saint Honoré (1st arrondissement), the Birkenstock 1774 Showroom is set up in a space of 170 square meters typically Haussmannian, with its rich moldings, its large mirrors, its stone fireplaces and its herringbone parquet floor. A bright space with a refined decor that becomes the trendy setting for these comfortable shoes from across the Rhine. It is the height of chic.


Archiee: EN Spa
In the 6ème arrondissement of Paris, the brand EN Spa, specialized in Japanese skin care, opened its first boutique in a building of the 18th century. Archiee architecture studio architects Yusuke Kinoshita and Daisuke Sekine, in charge of the design of the pharmacy, retain the rich structural elements of the period building, adding curvilinear partitions and dividers to best meet the needs of architects. identity of the brand. The opportunity for fans of Tokyo aesthetics to be lavished various care, massage and advice in a stall of 150 square meters spread over two levels also exposing a hundred products available for sale.


Giada Forte x Robert Vattilana: Strong Forte
Forte Forte, the Italian brand, has taken over rue de Grenelle (7ème arrondissement) for its very first Paris address, designed by its founder Giada Forte and his companion, and artistic director Robert Vattilina. The centerpiece of these places, the fitting room covered with green velvet, hides behind doors inspired by the Bauhaus in the image of mirrors with geometric lines placed near the delicate brushed brass doors that remind us of the primary purpose of this new address. A shop of 100 square meters looking like a boudoir radiating beauty.


Agence Elodie Ricord: Sorry Papa
Badass the tattoo? Not necessarily ! The proof at the new corner of Printemps Haussmann where the girls rebel in a pastel frame imagined by the interior designer Elodie Ricord. "Sorry Papa" is a place as feminine and delicate as the body works that it proposes. A veritable showcase of candor, the show is aimed at an audience with assumed femininity whose choices will be rather on delicate lines and discrete achievements rather than imposing works to the darker universe. One more step towards the democratization of the tattoo, initiated for several years now.


Studio Briand & Berthereau: HERE Bookstore
Named HERE by its owners Anne-Laure Vial and Delphine Bouétard, this bookstore located in the 2nd arrondissement had to offer an exceptional setting. Exceptional, but not ostentatious. A mission entrusted to the architects of Studio Briand & Berthereau. The agency has in fact rehabilitated a room that once housed a clothing store. An intervention whose stakes go far beyond the architectural question, since the place now serves as a setting for an endangered species: an independent bookstore. ICI is not just a shop; it's an experience that is both sensory and imaginary, punctuated by the scent of the pages of new books and the image of customers dipping a cookie in a cup of cappuccino.


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